Center for Data Visualization and Collaboration



Located in the Seaver Science Center on the University Park campus, the Center for Data Visualization and Collaboration (DVC) houses technologies that provide researchers with the means to teleconference, collaborate, and share complex information in high-resolution visual forms. Powerful tools for visualization give USC faculty and graduate students the ability to view HPC-generated simulation data from different perspectives and perform large-scale, in-depth analyses requiring specialized equipment in a relatively risk-free setting.

The center includes a tiled display wall and PolyComm equipment, which provides video, audio, and networking equipment with high-speed access to distributed data and computers. This equipment may also be linked to support group-to-group interactions across USC’s network and the Internet. The room contains three 65-inch, movable LCD screens that are capable of displaying one continuous image or three separate images.

Tile Wall

The tile wall provides users with a scalable means of displaying wall-sized images or computer simulations with very high resolution. Movies and digital images are projected onto a 14-foot-wide and 8-foot-high, monolithic, all-glass screen. The rear-projected composite image, which contains roughly 17.5 million pixels, has remarkable clarity when viewed close up or at a distance.


The PolyComm allows users to videoconference and collaborate interactively over the Internet. This equipment connects to the three LCD screens, capable of displaying computer simulations, films, live television feeds, or websites. Participants from a variety of locations—ranging from university classrooms and labs to hotel conference rooms and government offices—can come together virtually for meetings, collaborative work sessions, seminars, lectures, and training.