Center for High-Performance Computing and Communications

Setting up a Non-MPI Compiler

If you wish to use a non-MPI compiler, HPCC has GNU, Portland Group, and Intel compilers installed under the /usr/usc directory. In order to use these compilers, you will need to source their respective setup.csh or setup.sh files every time you log in.

As an example, the following command sets up the Portland Group compiler:

source /usr/usc/pgi/default/setup.csh

If you are planning to use only the Portland Group compilers, you will need to add the following to your .login or .profile file to set up your environment.

if (-r /usr/usc/pgi/default/setup.csh) then
   source /usr/usc/pgi/default/setup.csh

Getting Help

If you need additional assistance with setting up a non-MPI compiler, see the Compiler Help Pages page or send an email to hpcc@usc.edu.