Excellence Across the Disciplines

The Center for High-Performance Computing (HPC) serves as a foundation and model for computational research at the University of Southern California. HPC bridges USC’s unique strengths in scientific computing, computer science, and communications by supporting research groups in a variety of disciplines, including astronomy, civil and environmental engineering, computational biology, epigenomics, linguistics, materials science, pharmacology, and structural seismology.

For examples of the breadth and depth of research being performed using HPC resources, see the researcher profiles on the Featured Researchers page. For a complete list of the principal investigators and projects currently supported by HPC, see the Principal Investigators and Projects page.

Among supercomputers in an academic setting, HPC’s supercomputer cluster is the 12th fastest in the United States. It is the 232nd-fastest supercomputer in the world. It claimed these distinctions by achieving a benchmark of 621.5  teraflops, or 621.5 trillion floating-point calculations per second.

The overarching goal of HPC is to expand the reach of “big computing” by addressing system-level questions in social, economic, and cultural research. With its advanced computing and communications resources, HPC  helps to create the virtual organizations, virtual worlds, and immersive environments that will continue to transform and globalize higher education in the twenty-first century.