Frequently Asked Questions about HPC Education and Training

I have a class on Tuesday afternoons, do you have office hours on other days?

HPC researchers can request consultations outside of office hours. A link to the signup form can be found on the Office Hours and Consultations page. Users can meet with an HPC facilitator at the 3434 S. Grand Ave. (CAL) building where ITS/HPC is located, or in their office or lab, at a time that is mutually convenient. Facilitators may also set up conference calls if that is preferable.

Are you going to hold workshops on the Health Sciences Campus?

Workshops (and office hours) are held at HSC during the academic year (as of 2017) HPC facilitators send out a workshop schedule either monthly or bi-monthly. The events are also posted on the Education and Training page.

Additional questions?

For questions regarding HPC accounts, HPC cluster resources, or software on HPC, click one of the following links: