Featured Researchers

HPCC resources enable researchers to move beyond the limitations of traditional research. The eight researchers featured on this page are a prime example of the breadth and depth of research being performed at this center.


HPPC_e2536Rajiv Kalia

Rajiv Kalia investigates key biophysical processes and related applications for developing new paths in future drug delivery and gene therapies.




HPPC_e9630Darius Lakdawalla

Darius Lakdawalla studies medical innovation and the organization of health care markets, focusing on the behaviors of health care providers, patients, and health care firms.




HPPC_e2596Mahta Moghaddam

Mahta Moghaddam studies how dynamics and heterogeneities of root zone soil moisture (RZSM) control ecosystem carbon fluxes in North America.




HPPC_e9267Andrew McMahon

Andrew McMahon studies the mechanisms underlying the assembly, repair, and regeneration of critical organ systems in the developing mammalian embryo.




Benjamin Berman

Benjamin Berman’s research focuses on the computational analysis of high-throughput genetic and genomic datasets.




Patrick Lynett

Patrick Lynett creates hydraulic models of coastal processes, studying the impact of complex waves and currents on critical coastal infrastructure.




Meghan Miller

Meghan Miller’s work centers around structural seismology and tectonophysics, through which she studies earthquakes, tectonic processes, and plate motions.




Remo Rohs

Remo Rohs and his research team create high-throughput computational methods for the prediction of DNA shape.