An HPC account is required to access HPC resources. These accounts are available to USC faculty, research staff, and graduate students (with the approval of their faculty advisor.) Account holders, referred to as HPC primary investigators (PIs), may add USC researchers, undergraduate students, and iVIP account holders as members to their HPC accounts. Please note that HPC accounts and resources are for research and teaching purposes only; use of these resources for commercial purposes is not permitted. If you have questions about HPC account eligibility, please email

HPC Secure Data Accounts

HPC researchers who plan to use legally restricted data for their projects must apply for an HPC secure data account (HSDA) and submit a signed HPC Secure Data Agreement. Specialized resources for HSDA accounts provide a secure environment to meet HIPAA requirements. Data stored in these accounts will be encrypted automatically upon upload and at rest. Note that if your data has been de-identified you may not need an HSDA. If you have questions about whether or not you need to use an HSDA account, please email

Class Teaching Accounts

HPC supports class accounts for teaching. Before applying for a class account or to add students to an existing class account, please email

Collaborating with Non-USC Researchers

An HPC PI may provide access to their HPC account to non-USC researchers and collaborators by obtaining an iVIP account for the individual. iVIP accounts, which provide temporary USC NetIDs, are available through the PI’s home department’s iVIP administrator. A list of iVIP administrators can be found here: Once an iVIP account has been obtained, the PI can add the individual to the HPC account using their temporary USC NetID.

Getting Help

If you have any questions regarding HPC accounts, please email