Checking Your Quotas

The shell command myquota and the website check below provide information on general HPC home directories, and project directories located under /home/rcf-proj/. Information on condo directories and filesystems is not provided.


To see a listing of the available disk space in your HPC home and project accounts while logged into an HPC head node (hpc-login2 or hpc-login3), use the following command:

Website Check

You may also use the form below to check either your Research Compute Facility (RCF) home directory quota or your allocation’s project directory quota.

    Home directory: To check your RCF home directory quota, enter your USC username and click Check.

    Disk Quota for ttrojan ID 12345 
          Used     Soft     Hard 
    Files 8840     25000    25250 
    Bytes 441.02M  1.00G    1.01G 

    The ‘Used’ column shows the number of files and number of bytes in your directory. While the ‘Soft’ [Limit] and ‘Hard [Limit] columns show the maximum number of files and bytes allowed.

    Project directory: To check your project directory quota, enter the full path to the directory and click Check. Your project directory’s path should be written as /home/rcf-proj2/[project directory name], where [project directory name] is the name of the project whose quota you wish to check.

    Getting Help

    If you have a question about project quotas, please email