HPC Policies

It is the responsibility of all HPC users to understand and abide by the policies that govern the use of HPC resources. In addition to these specific HPC policies, you must also agree to abide by all USC computing policies while using HPC resources. These policies can be found at https://policy.usc.edu/technology.

Resource Limits Policies

See the Account Resource Limits and Working File System pages for policies about:

  • Node squatting
  • File system load limits
  • Head node process limits
  • Use of /staging, $TMPDIR and $SCRATCHDIR
  • Scheduled downtimes

Account Holder Policies

See the Before Applying for an HPC Account, Applying for an HPC Account, and Managing and Renewing your Account pages for policies about:

  • Account eligibility and renewal
  • Acknowledging HPC support
  • Providing grant/funding and papers/publication information
  • Membership email responsibilities

Help Tickets

When requesting assistance please send an email to hpc@usc.edu and to not an individual team member. Email to the hpc@usc.edu address goes to the ITS ServiceNow ticketing system. HPC is not responsible for slow responses to emails addressed to individual staff members.

Policy Violations

If it has been determined that you have violated any of the HPC use policies or any other USC computing policy, your account will be deactivated immediately. Your account will not be reactivated until HPC management receives a formal request for reactivation from the primary investigator of your project.

Getting Help

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these policies, please send email to hpc@usc.edu.