Managing and Renewing Your Account

Managing Your HPC Account

HPC project primary investigators (PIs) can manage their project accounts through the website. Common management activities include:

  • Adding members: To add or remove an account member, select the number under Users.
  • Requesting disk space: To request an increase in disk quota, select the number under Disk Space. Disk quota is shared for all members of an account so it is recommended that the project PI and members regularly check their disk quota if they have reason to think that they may fill it. For more information, see the Checking Your Quotas page.
  • Providing grant/funding information: To provide information on grants/funding for research requiring HPC resources, select the number under Grants.
  • Providing paper/publication information: To provide information on paper/publications about work supported by HPC resources, select the number under Papers.

HPC PIs can assign an administrator to manage member updates, request quota increases, and upload information about grants and publications. Administrators have access to all of the PIs accounts. PIs should send their request for a named administrator to

Renewing Your HPC Account

HPC account holders must renew their accounts every fiscal year in order to continue to have access to HPC’s computing resources. You will receive an email each May requesting that you renew your account, and a Renew Project button will become visible on the project website.

Accounts must be renewed by July 1 each year or you will lose access to your account.

Before You Renew

It is important that you review your project membership list and core hour needs for the next fiscal year and make adjustments before you begin the account renewal process. Requests for modest allocations of time will be granted routinely; however, the allocations committee will review any requests of 400,000 core hours or more. After July 1, use of HPC’s Linux computing resources will be granted based on applications submitted to the HPC allocations committee for peer review.

Please note: HPC requires that information about HPC-dependent grants and publications from the previous year be collected before processing renewal requests to assess the impact of HPC on USC’s research mission.

Finally, please review the HPC policies page for changes to policies that may impact your future work on HPC.

How to Renew

To renew your account:

  1. Go to You will need to log in with your USC username and password. See the section on Accessing the HPC Application Website if you have trouble accessing this URL.
  2. You will be presented with a list of your projects. Please do the following for each project you wish to renew:
    1. Review and update your project description information.
    2. Review and update your core hour and disk space quotas.
    3. Review your project members and remove those who are no longer active.
    4. Provide information on any grants or other funding that was used to support your project during the past year.
    5. Provide information on any papers or publications that were made possible by HPC during the past year.


  3. When you are finished reviewing, select the Fiscal Year button that shows the closing fiscal year. A pop-up window will appear with instructions. If the button is grayed out and no window appears, it means that the project is not eligible for renewal.
  4. Select the Fiscal Year button to renew this project. This will copy all current/updated project information to the renewed account. Note that:
    1. No papers/publications data will be copied because it is tied to the fiscal year.
    2. Grant/funding data will be copied to facilitate management. If your grants/funding have changed, please provide information about the changes within the renewed project.

Getting Help

If you have any questions regarding HPC account renewal, please email