Account Resource Limits

The following information outlines the usage limits for specific HPC account types.

Compute Hour Limits

Time on the Linux computing resource is allocated in core hours. To determine your core hours, multiply how many nodes you will be using by the number of CPU cores you will be using and then multiply that number by how many hours you will be using them. For example, the use of 10 nodes with 8 CPU cores for three hours is counted as 240 core hours. Most of the HPC compute nodes have 8 CPU cores so if you are unsure of how many cores you are using per node, 8 is a good estimate.

Concurrent Job Limits

In general, jobs will be scheduled and run on a first-come, first-served basis within a partition, provided that adequate resources are available. To maximize the use of computing resources, HPC management, in consultation with the HPC allocation committee, may restrict the number of jobs you can run concurrently from a given account.

General Partition Rules

Partition Name Maximum Jobs Queued Maximum Node Count Maximum Wall Time Maximum Jobs per User
main 1000 99 24 hours 10
quick 100 4 1 hour 10
large 100 256 24 hours 1
largemem 100 1 336 hours 1