Useful PBS Commands

This document contains a list of useful Portable Batch System (PBS) commands.  The man pages for the PBS commands are available on hpc-login1 and hpc-login2.

More information about the TORQUE resource manager (PBS) and the Moab Cluster Scheduler can be found at Adaptive Computing’s official documentation website, located at


PBS commands

qsub: submits PBS job

typical usage:

qsub [-A account] script


qdel: deletes PBS job

typical usage:

qdel job_identifier


qstat: shows the status of PBS jobs

typical usage:

qstat -f job_identifier


mybalance -h: shows the number of computational core hours used and how many core hours have been allocated to project

typical usage:

mybalance -h


myqueue: shows all running and queued jobs for a user

typical usage:



myquota: show disk quotas for all projects in which the user is a member

typical usage:



showstart: shows the approximate starting time of the job

typical usage:

showstart job_identifier


checkjob: shows the current status of the job

typical  usage:

checkjob job_identifier


checknode: shows the status of the node

typical usage:

checknode node_identifier


pbsnodes: shows the detail of nodes

typical usage:

pbsnodes -a

To list the count of unique nodes along with the properties of those nodes:

pbsnodes -a | grep properties | sort | uniq -c


pbsdsh: distributes task to nodes under pbs

typical usage:

pbsdsh executable [args]

This command copies the inputfile into /tmp directory of each node:

pbsdsh cp inputfile /tmp


mpiexec: initializes parallel job

typical usage:

mpiexec executable [args]

This command copies the input file into /tmp directory of each node:

mpiexec -comm=none -pernode cp inputfile /tmp


Getting Help

If you need assistance with this or any HPC function, please send an email to